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This genealogical database contains over 100,000 individuals in more than 30,000 families compiled by Mary Beth Wheeler, reflecting research into our family histories. The entire file is available on the web at Ancestry.com with Tree Name: MBWheeler.  It is also available on RootsWeb.com.

A summary of surnames by principal regions, below, is only intended to give an idea of where the majority of the research was conducted. Check the complete index on RootsWeb for many, many more names.

COLONIAL CONNECTICUT: Ackley, Arnold, Barnes, Bartholomew, Benjamin, Bidwell, Bowers, Church, Colfax, Coleman, Collins, Cowles, Eaton, Elmer/Elmore, Field, Frisbie, Fox, Gamble, Gibbard, Goodwin, Gregson, Hills, Hale, Hitchcock, Hoisington/Horsington, Hollister, Holton, Hopkins, Jones, Judson, Lewis, Lloyd, Loomis, Lyman, Meakins, Nash, Payne, Porter, Shaler, Smith, Spencer, Stiles, Tapp, Thomas, Thompson, Tomlinson, Treat, Trowbridge, Trumbull, Tudor, Turner, Way, Welch, Welles, Wheeler, White, Wilcox, Woodford, Yale

COLONIAL MASSACHUSETTS: Acie, Adams, Allen, Aspinwall, Atherton, Austin, Axtell, Ayer, Bacon, Bancroft, Barnes, Baxter, Beamsley, Benjamin, Bigelow, Billings, Bird, Blott, Bowers, Breed, Bridge, Bridgman, Brooks, Browne, Bullard, Burgess, Bursley, Burt, Button, Child, Chipman, Church, Clap(p), Clarke, Coleman, Cowles, Craft(s), Crow, Dana, Danforth, Day, Dickinson, Dimmock, Dunster, Edes/Eades, Edwards, Elwell, Farrow, Field, Foster, Fox, Frary, French, Fuller, Golding, Goodman, Goodnow, Graves, Hall, Hammond, Haskell, Hazard, Holton, Howland, Huckins, Hull, Hunt, Hyde, Jackson, Johnson, Lakin, Lamson, Leonard, Lewis, Livermore, Longley, Lovejoy, Miller, Nelson, Nichols, Norcross, Osgood, Parker, Partridge, Peirce, Perkins, Perry, Peters, Pierce, Poole, Porter, Pratt, Roundy, Russ, Sawtell, Selden, Sherman, Smith, Stearns, Stowell, Swift, Symmes, Tarbell, Terry, Thomas, Tilley, Townsend, Traine, Trowbridge, Tufts, Wager, Waldo, Warner, Weeks, Wetherbee, Whitcomb, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Woodbury, Woods, Woodward, Wright

IOWA: Pierce, Waldo, Wheeler

LONG ISLAND: Brown, Dickerson, King, Mapes, Purrier, Reeve, Wager

MAINE: Burton, Gray, Hayward, Lovejoy, McClure, Stinson, Wetherbee

MICHIGAN: (19th century Detroit-area German & Polish settlers) Ewald, Koss, Przytulski, Ritter, Wisniewski

MINNESOTA: (St. Cloud area & Winona Co.) Coates, Freeman, Getchell, Gray, Hayward, Holden, McClure, Marlatt, Parker, Patock, Wheeler

NEW YORK STATE: (late 18th-early 19th century) Barnes, Hills, Kennedy, Spencer, Stowell, Thomas, Wheeler

NOVA SCOTIA & NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA:(Loyalists) Hayward, Sheck, Wager, Walker (Other) Armstrong, Balsor/Baltzer, Bishop, Chipman, Copp, Dempsey, Howell, Marshall, McBride, Orpin, Woodbury; many others

PENNSYLVANIA - Western: (mainly Irish settlers of Butler, Armstrong & Allegheny counties) Dougan, Gallagher, Houlihan/Hollihan, McCarthy, McFarren; Other Irish families of the Donegal Settlement of Butler & Armstrong counties; (Pittsburgh) Clarkson, Dolan, Dunn, Guttendorf, Houlihan/Hollihan, Kane, Kindlin/Kinlen, Lancaster, McCarthy, McLaughlin, O'Brien, Rawlins (Other PA) Wheeler

RHODE ISLAND: Button, Lamphere

SCOTCH-IRISH: (mainly CT, NH & Maine) Armour, Campbell, Cochrane, Dinsmoor, Dorrance, McClure, McKeen, Nesmith, Rogers, Stinson, Trumbull

VERMONT: Wheeler

WISCONSIN & DAKOTAS: Barnes, Goff, Hills, Stowell, Thomas, Tyler

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